New Adventure 0.2 Release

It's time for the release of 0.2, after many months it's finally here, longer than it should have taken, but it's here! More of the content everyone has been waiting for from an AVN like this!

- 854+ New Renders
- 23 Animations - this includes one intro video
- Replaced the intro/outro scenes with characters
- All New main menu
- Phone system integrated for pre-set messages - with images that are clickable to view larger image
- Fixed some previous scenes that didn't look good - sadly no joy on the Office, but that's going away in 0.3 entirely anyway

- Prologue remade
- Now in 1080
- Many more shots for scenes
- Fixed various mistakes in dialog
- Changed fonts used
- Replaced the Main Menu/Game Menu image
- Made some changes to the overall dialog throughout Prologue
- Theme looks better than it did before, allowing names to display better on text box also

- Prologue original release, not many scenes, set at 720.



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